Clocks going forward

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“Don’t forget, the clocks go forward this weekend!” says Tony as he bounds out of the office for the weekend. He is in such a good mood that I almost suspect he has weekend plans.

Then I remember that it’s Tony we’re talking about.

To him, moving the hands of an analogue clock forward by an hour counts as a busy weekend.

I once got Tony for Secret Santa and I got him a colouring-in book.

He looked a bit embarrassed and laughed as if it was an in-joke present. It wasn’t.

I’m pretty sure he took that book home and coloured in every little shape as well as putting it on facebook with a caption along the lines of:

“LOL! Love my colouring in book! Thanks secret santa, you obv know me too well! #Secretsanta”

I can’t remember what my point was but yeah, the clocks go forward tonight.

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